Files experience in Microsoft Teams

Building first-class file interaction and collaboration experiences for Microsoft 365

Role & Impact

  • Managed a design team that built file experiences for Microsoft Teams
  • My team focussed on file discovery, sharing, viewing, and collaboration experiences in Microsoft Teams on desktop
  • Brought a research-first approach (qual & quant) to understand product gaps and user needs, to define product priorities and roadmap
  • Worked in close partnership with other Microsoft 365 teams such as OneDrive, Outlook, Microsoft Office, and Windows

Work at Microsoft

At Microsoft, I managed a team of designers that focussed on building file experiences in Microsoft Teams, consumer & enterprise versions of Microsoft Lists, and features for the Microsoft 365 suite.

My work involved defining the product UX and strategy by working in close partnership with Leadership, Product Management, and Research teams. As a Manager, I was accountable to deliver high-quality products and building a culture of design excellence & better craft.

During my earlier years, I worked on OneDrive for Windows and mobile devices, and modernized the SharePoint Metadata Admin Center (part of Microsoft Syntex), besides several features for Microsoft 365. A lot of this was foundational work for my team in India.

Beyond my product work, I led the Design Internship program for the Design Studio and several key University Recruitment initiatives, that had a direct impact on our culture and growth at Microsoft India.

Video: Examples of files experiences in Microsoft Teams

Files experiences in Teams

Microsoft Teams has about 300 million users, and a huge percentage of them use files on a daily basis. User jobs for these files includes sharing files (from desktop and cloud), viewing files in Teams, re-sharing files, and discovering the files shared. The overall objective was to win user love through delightful product experiences.

My team owned the entire lifecycle of a 'file' in the Teams ecosystem on desktop. We worked on streamlining and optimizing the file consumption and file sharing experiences, in collaboration with Leadership, Product Management, and Engineering teams.

As file experiences in Microsoft span across several products such as OneDrive, Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Stream, SharePoint, Windows, and various mobile apps, I worked in tandem with partners across the globe to design consistent, coherent, and delightful experiences for Teams' users.

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